Jigsaw4u is currently looking for potential ambassadors who would like to support us in raising our profile and developing our links with businesses, schools and the public.

We would expect the following from our ambassadors

  • Publicity

    Raising the profile of Jigsaw4u publicly

  • Networking

    Talking to your own networks about Jigsaw4u and how they might be able to support us


  • Events

    Attending events where possible and appropriate


  • Fundraising

    Hosting fundraising or cultivation events

We look for people with the following qualities

  • Well known locally

    A high profile person– either locally or beyond


  • Connections

    Someone with a local connection


  • Experience

    A person with a connection to our cause or a specific project


  • Network

    Someone with a large network of people or organisations within which to raise the profile of Jigsaw4u