Jigsaw4u is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment for all its members in line with the Equalities Act 2010.   Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at Jigsaw4u.  If bullying does occur, all young people/children and parent/carers should know who to talk to at Jigsaw4u and have confidence in us that their concerns will be dealt with promptly and effectively.  We want children and young people to take part in activities they like, so they can build their confidence and make positive friendships that can help protect them and others from bullying.

Bullying is the use of aggression with the intention of hurting another person.  Bullying results in pain and distress to the victim.  It includes name calling, hitting, pushing, spreading rumours, threatening or undermining someone.  It can happen anywhere – at school, at home or online. It’s usually repeated over a long period of time and can hurt a child both physically and emotionally.  Victims generally find it difficult to protect themselves from such incidents and their vulnerability may lead to bullying episodes being repeated.

Bullying can be focused around issues, such as:

  • Racism (racial taunts, graffiti, gestures)
  • Sexual (unwanted physical contact or sexually abusive comments)
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity (taunting because of, or focussing on the issue of sexuality or gender preference)
  • Body (insulting a person physically)
  • Exclusion (making someone feel different or not included in every day childhood experiences)

Bullying can be acted out in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Verbal (name-calling, sarcasm, threatening, teasing, sexual comments)
  • Social (spreading rumours, leaving people out, embarrassing people, filming a person being bullied)
  • Physical (pushing, kicking, hitting, punching or any use of violence, stealing)
  • Cyber (all areas of internet, such as email, Facebook & internet chat room abuse)
  • Mobile (threats by Facebook, text messaging & calls, misuse of associated technology i.e. camera & video facilities)

Jigsaw4u has a responsibility to respond promptly and effectively to issues of bullying, as:

  • Bullying hurts.
  • No one deserves to be a victim of bullying
  • Everybody has the right to be treated with respect
  • Children who are bullying need to learn different ways of behaving
  • Bullying behaviour amongst children may be linked to poor practices and conduct by staff and volunteers
  • Bullying may require a safeguarding intervention

Jigsaw4u’s approach to bullying is:

  • All trustees, staff, volunteers, children, young people and parents should have an understanding of what bullying is
  • All trustees, staff and volunteers should know what Jigsaw4u’s policy is on bullying, and follow our procedures when bullying is reported
  • All children, young people and parent/carers should know what Jigsaw4u’s policy is on bullying, and what they should do if bullying arises
  • As an organisation, we take bullying seriously. Young people and parent/carers should be assured that they will be supported when bullying is reported
  • Help kids understand about bullying – we have a responsibility to educate all young people about what bullying is so that they can better identify it
  • Bullying will not be tolerated