Are you a business interested in giving back and making a difference? Here you will find out everything you need to know about how your business can support Jigsaw4u.

Jigsaw4u is a medium sized local charity that currently works in 5 London Boroughs. At present, the majority of our funding is from trusts, grant and foundations and local authority funding. Jigsaw4u has already had services cut due to the recent cuts on local authority budgets.

With this in mind, and knowing that further cuts could be made, we want to ensure that we can continue to support the children, young people and families that we work with.

It is in this time that corporate partnerships are really important to charities and are key to making charities sustainable. We are a varied charity and the money we raise can fund many things besides specific projects – which is how our current funding streams are set up.

We would like to do more for our families, such as; take children on trips out, buy children’s garden equipment, books and session resources or put on special activities such as music or art therapy.
We are still quite a small charity, compared to national or even regional organisations, so any money donated makes a huge difference to us, and we can show you what we have spent it on.
If you’re interested in supporting Jigsaw4u please contact our Managing Director, Stephen Loizou or our Business Development Coordinator, Jenny Harwood

Raise your company profile – Jigsaw4u will advertise your fundraising on our website, social media, newsletters and any other publications we produce at that time. Being associated with charities and good causes could be really beneficial to your business; helping your clients or customers to see the company’s values and good will. This is particularly pertinent when supporting a local charity because your clients may have benefited from the service personally, or know someone who has.

Charitable donations are tax deductable – Your Company pays less Corporation Tax when it gives money, equipment or sponsorship to charities. You can claim tax relief by deducting the value of your donations from your total business profits before you pay tax (see Business Tax section for more details)

Develop your employees’ skills and responsibilities – Fundraising can improve team building and communication skills and can really help employees bond throughout all levels of your organisation.

Keeping in touch with the needs of your community – In the day to day running of your business you may not come across many of the issues affecting the children and families we work with. This is why it’s important to make your employees aware of the needs of your community; they could be affecting your colleagues, customers and clients. This can help you engage with your community more effectively. 

Boost morale and motivate your employees – Fundraising gives everyone that ‘feel good’ feeling, even more so if you know you are really making a difference.

An enjoyable workplace Fundraising can increase fun and enjoyment levels in your workplace. It could even attract new employees or clients.

Choose or nominate Jigsaw4u as your company’s charity of the year

If Jigsaw4u were chosen as your charity of the year you could:

  • Donate all proceeds of fundraising events throughout the year
  • Hold a networking event where you share the work of Jigsaw4u with your networks
  • Put our logo on your email signatures or website.
  • Hold an annual fundraising event such as a gala or a golf day

Staff Fundraising

Your staff may choose to run their own fundraising events throughout the year; you could suggest Jigsaw4u as a charity for them to support. We can work with your staff to develop creative fundraising ideas that are simple and don’t distract from the everyday workings of your business. See our Fundraising Ideas list for some inspiration to get you started.

Gifts in Kind

Your company may not be able to offer a large donation, but you might be able to provide really useful gifts or skills such as; art equipment, Christmas presents for the children, graphic design skills, IT support or marketing advice.

If you’d like to help in some way, but don’t think your company would be able to make a cash donation, give us a ring and talk to us about gifts in kind.


Your company might be particularly interested in one area of work or activity at Jigsaw4u, such as; the art exhibition, theatre trips, bereavement support or domestic abuse. If you would like to sponsor a particular event or project we can put your name and logo on any materials we produce, on our website and social media and in publicity and press releases. There might be something you are interested in that we don’t currently have funding to provide, if this is the case we could discuss creating a project together.

Company Donations

You can also just make a company donation, which may be part of your Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy. These donations are tax deductable and the unrestricted donations give us the flexibility to identify any gaps in our current provision or develop current projects that require more funding to offer an expanded service. If you want to send a cheque please enclose your business name and a contact details, make it payable to ‘Jigsaw4u’ and send it to:

40 Mill Green Road

We welcome phone calls and visits from companies that are looking to donate, so please just contact us to discuss this if it’s something you’re interested in. 

Company Donation Ideas

  • £500 would fund an art workshop for 25 children and an exhibition
  • £1,500 would fund a trip for 30 children and young people who have limited positive activities outside of school. This might be to the seaside for those who have never been on holiday or to the theatre for children who have never seen a play before.
  • £5,000 would pay for therapy for 20 young people over a year to help them cope with and recover from emotional distress
  • £7,000 would fund a 9 week parenting programme for parents experiencing violence or abuse from their children
  • £10,000 would fund 1 day a week for a volunteer coordinator
  • £20,000 would fund a worker 2 days a week for a year to run a mentoring project for children who are in care
  • £30,000 would fund a worker 3 days a week for a year to support 50 primary school children affected by domestic violence
  • £50,000 would fund a full time service for a year for children of prisoners, providing therapeutic support, group work and positive activities for families with a parent in prison
  • £100,000 would fund a full time worker for 2 years to support children with terminally ill parents in the time leading up to the death of their parent and post bereavement.

How can we support you with this?

  • Creative ideas to excite and engage your employees
  • Branded materials: T-shirt, Wrist Bands, Promotional Bug Stickers, Balloons
  • Shaking tins/buckets
  • A member of staff to do a presentation about Jigsaw4u’s work
  • Advertising your company’s events on our website, social media and email signature, using your logo on printed and e-materials

Givers Gain Wallington have chosen Jigsaw4u as their charity to support this year

Watson & Sole have chosen us as their charity to support. They have recently purchased a cabin for our garden providing us with a therapeutic space to support our children and young people.

Gibsons Games support us though donations of games of puzzles and fundraising activities

The members of the Parthenon Masonic Lodge donated money towards our bereavement helpline

Cranleigh Tennis and Social Club took part in our first charity football tournament

Love Water donated 200 sports water bottles for our children and business players at Football4u

ASDA Sutton Community Champion has supported Jigsaw4u by donating money to our Christmas Pantomime trip and volunteering at our Easter party

Co-operative Funeral Care in Rose Hill have donated food hampers for our various fundraising events

Surrey Banners donated their time to make the artwork for our latest Jigsaw4u banner

Jigsaw4u are members of the Merton Chamber of Commerce and receive invaluable business support from the Chamber.

Carshalton Park Rotary paid for the children taking part in the football tournament to have personalised school kits designed by the pupils

REED Wimbledon have raised funds through various events