Children with Disabilities

The participation project is funded by The London Borough of Sutton to engage disabled children and young people in participation in the borough.

We mostly hold our sessions at the Jigsaw4u office:

40 Mill Green Road, Mitcham Surrey, CR4 4HY

However sometimes we will have sessions around the borough, in places like The Phoenix Centre, SCOLA, and Sutton Civic Centre. The locations may vary depending on what sort of activity we are doing and who we need to cater for!

Monthly Meetings

This is where the young people get to give their views on a number of things Sutton Council asks them about. This could be anything from travel, leisure facilities and youth clubs to national changes to legislation and local policy.
We also discuss issues that the young people think are important, and I pass on these thoughts to the Disability Partnership Board, and anyone else we think might be able to affect change in the area.

Other opportunities to get involved include…

In School: As well as the regular sessions I offer schools the opportunity for me to come in and do a session with any disabled students who would like to have their views heard on any subject in Sutton.

Magazine: We produce a magazine twice a year that is written and edited by the young people for which we are always looking for contributions. Please see the ‘Our Choice’ tab to have a look at the latest issue.



As well as asking the young people to get involved and give their views on a number of local and national issues, we do have some fun as well!

The magazine can be a really fun way of getting involved; the young people get to write articles, poems, stories, or they could draw pictures or make word searches. Anything the young people think is important will go into the magazine.

We also have lots of different social activities. Some of the things we have done in the past include:

  • Bowling
  • Art
  • Drama
  • T-shirt designing
  • Dance
  • Filming
  • Eating lots of pizza!

Every holiday we try to have an activity for young people to have some fun with, as well as maybe learning something new or making friends in the process.

Young people and their parent need should complete a registration form and email or post this back to us. The form contains a section for additional needs where you can outline what support the young person needs to access the groups, (i.e. picture cards, bold coloured resources, 1:1 support, etc). This way we can ensure that all young people that want to participate can do so.

If you have a query it is always best to contact Mona Ahmed or Michelle Mullarkey from the Children with Disabilities Participation Team –  Telephone 0208 687 1384 or 07971 517 513 to speak to one of the team to discuss the group. Or email for more information.

We do two a year and you decide what goes in it. If you think it’s important for disabled children and young people and you want to write about it, it goes in. You can also just tell us about what you’ve been up to, and let other children and young people know about all the great stuff there is to do in Sutton.

Here’s what some of the previous editors have said:

“I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to be involved in something like this”

“It’s great to have my ideas expressed to people; I don’t normally get to do that”

“I feel like I’ve really been a part of something”