Commission Our Services

Jigsaw4u has a wealth of experience delivering children, young people and family services across 5 London Boroughs.

We have been based in the local communities of Merton and Sutton since 1997 and have developed projects based on the identified needs and gaps in service in these communities.

We commission services in a variety of ways; many of our projects are commissioned by funders we have applied to, other projects are commissioned as a result of an identified need – either by us or another organisation such as a Local Authority, schools buy in for a service and social care spot purchase for individual work.

We also have a training service that organisations can commission from us – in half or full day sessions or if you want 1:1 consultancy for a member of staff in your organisation.

If you think you might interested in commissioning a service there are a variety of opportunities. You might have a specific project you would like to commission that we could tailor to your needs.

For example, a Local Authority might be looking for a domestic abuse project to work with children affected by abuse. Or you may be looking for a provider for your statutory advocacy service for looked after children. If you are interested in commissioning a service contact our Managing Director to discuss this further.

Spot purchasing commissioning works for one off pieces of work, or one off programme of sessions for children and young people who don’t otherwise meet the criteria of a project or have a specialist need.

For example, Jigsaw4u could do a one off safety planning session with a child, multiple sessions of support for a child who is being affected by parental separation or having a parent in prison or if you work with a teenager being affected by domestic abuse you could buy in for a worker to provide a programme of support to help them talk about their experiences.

Our Home School Links service can provide a worker for your school to offer emotional support for children and young people with complex social, emotional and behavioural needs. The Home School Links workers offer 1 to 1 support and group work.  Groups might include anger management, friendship groups or transition groups for Year 6 pupils.

Extended support can be also given to parents, carers and school staff.

We are currently working in 15 primary schools across the London Boroughs of Merton & Sutton.

Please contact Jenny Harwood, Home School Links Team Manager for more information on commissioning a service.

Jigsaw4u has years of experience working with families and working in the local areas of Merton and Sutton. We can offer training on a vast range of issues including; working with children who have been bereaved, working with sexual exploitation and young people who go missing from home, domestic abuse and direct work with children.

Jigsaw4u training is relevant to any organisations working with children, young people and families, or organisations working with issues such as domestic abuse, loss, participation or emotional health and well being.

In the past we have delivered training and consultation to social care teams, schools and health professionals but our training could be relevant to a variety of organisations not just those working directly with children.

Your business might want some training for your management or employees on how to support someone experiencing domestic abuse or bereavement.

Maybe you are an organisation that would like training on the current laws regarding child sexual exploitation and sexual offences? We educate young people on what is legal and illegal with regards to sex and relationships. This might be relevant to you if you work with young people or adults who need to know what behaviour and relationships are appropriate, legal and safe and what is not.

If you are interested in commissioning some training, contact our Managing Director Stephen Loizou or Business Development Coordinator Jenny Harwood for more information.