One off donations

0% £5
This will buy a meal for a child on our trip to the seaside
0% £10
This will buy a memory box for a child who has lost a parent
0% £20
This will buy a Christmas present for a child in care
0% £30
This will buy a sensory toy box for children with disabilities
0% £50
This will buy will help children commemorate the death of a parent
0% £100
This will buy canvases for children to paint on for our art exhibition
0% £140
This will buy horse riding lessons for child abuse victims
0% £200
This will buy teddy bears for our support groups

Larger gifts

£500 13%
Fund an art workshop for 25 children and an exhibition
£1,500 26%
Fund a trip for 30 children and young people who have limited positive activities outside of school. This might be to the seaside for those who have never been on holiday or to the theatre for children who have never seen a play before.
£5,000 39%
Pay for therapy for 20 young people over a year to help them cope with and recover from emotional distress
£10,000 52%
Fund a 9 week parenting programme for parents experiencing violence or abuse from their children
£20,000 65%
Fund a worker 2 days a week for a year to run a programme for children of prisoners to support them and their family while their parent is in prison
£50,000 78%
Fund a full time service for a year for looked after children; providing them with ‘champions’ who can stand up for them, support them with issues with their foster carer and make sure they’re having their voice heard
£100, 000 98%
Fund a full time service for 2 years for children affected by domestic abuse – providing them with therapeutic 1:1 sessions and family work plus positive activities to reduce isolation and improve family relationships.