Jenardan – Administration and Database Volunteer

Jenardan – Administration and Database Volunteer

I still vividly remember picking up the Jigsaw4u leaflet at the Lloyds bank in Mitcham, to read whilst I was waiting in the queue. Call it a coincidence or a “meant-to-be” moment but it also happened to be the time where I wanted to give back to the community in which I’ve spent the majority of my life especially in a similar role to mentoring/ working with children.

The process of joining Jigsaw4u was effortless and I very quickly joined the rich 8 week training program from which I gained a lot of skills and knowledge, but one that also generally helped raise awareness of some of the issues I have been ignorant to.

For me personally, I’ve really enjoyed volunteering with Jigsaw4u for 3 big reasons. I am a big fan of the work that they do within the community and the impact it has on the lives of others so I wanted to be involved in helping make that change.

They are very respective of the time that we spend as volunteers. There was a system to log all of the hours we have volunteered for and there has always been something for me to do during the times I did volunteer. For me, this showed how much Jigsaw4u valued their volunteers.

However, most importantly for myself, I really enjoyed working with everyone who made up the team. I always left the office feeling refreshed and full of energy from the positive interactions with everyone in the office. I have found this to be the unique quality of Jigsaw4u.

For anyone who is thinking about volunteering with Jigsaw4u, I would definitely recommend it for a whole host of reasons varying from the communication skills you can develop to the positive relationships you create with the team and the service users. You will definitely feel like your time has been much appreciated and valued.


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