The Jigsaw4u Mentoring Service is funded by the AELTC Wimbledon Foundation. We provide a Mentor for a child identified by their school as failing to reach their potential.

Unfortunately funding for this project will cease in December 2018 and the service will end.

Jigsaw4u Mentors meet their young person for an hour each week after school to support them with their transition to secondary school.  Mentors will support and encourage the young person in developing resilience skills and self confidence.

Jigsaw4u Mentors are consistent, positive role models for children and can help with homework, do projects children are interested in or help them develop a new interest or skill.

Children working with the Mentoring Service can also access Jigsaw4u activities such as music or art days, seaside trips, football matches or theatre visits.

Jigsaw4u Mentoring Service begins working with a child in year 6 and supports them through the transition to secondary school into year 7.  This is a very challenging time for all young people as the primary and secondary schools environments are very different and research shows that a bad start to secondary school can affect a student’s long-term education and prospects.  The Mentoring Service aims to help identified children manage the transition and ensure they achieve their potential.