Jigsaw4u offers 2 parenting services - the Parent Child Game and The Who's In Charge 9 week programme for parents of defiant or abusive children

Jigsaw4u offers two parenting services. The Who’s In Charge? parenting programme is for parents of children who are beyond control, defiant or abuse. This is open to parents in both Merton and Sutton.

Jigsaw4u also offers The Parent Child Game parenting programme. This can be accessed through Sutton Alliance – Behaviour Management/Parenting. This service can also be spot purchased if the case doesn’t meet the Sutton Alliance criteria.

Please note Jigsaw4u is not currently running a Who’s in Charge programme, we have just finished our last group. Jigsaw4u are currently looking for funding for future groups. If you are interested in referring, please do get in touch so that we can keep you updated with future groups.

The Jigsaw4u Who’s in Charge? group is a 9 week programme for parents or carers of young people (8 to 16 years old) who are beyond control, violent or defiant.

The group aims to

  • Provide a supportive environment to share experiences and ideas
  • Reduce the guilt and shame which parents might feel
  • Offer ideas to help you develop individual strategies for managing your child’s behaviour
  • Explore ways of increasing safety and well-being
  • Help parents feel more in control and less stressed

Our 3 co-coordinators – Michelle Mullarkey, Patricia Alin and Sharon McCann have completed the Who’s In Charge training and as such are qualified to deliver this programme.

Referrals can be made by any agency and must be completed on a Who’s In Charge?  referral form. Dates for next group are not yet available; please contact the project coordinators for more information or to register interest.

The programme is a more specialist parenting programme which works with and supports both parents and child to enhance parenting skills, improve child behaviour and improve parent-child relationships.

To spot purchase this service please contact Laila Morgan at our office number to discuss this further.