Safeguarding and Confidentiality

At Jigsaw4u we believe that the children and young people we are working with must be protected from harm at all times. It is the duty of all our staff & volunteers to protect each child/young person from abuse and to be alert to the possibility of abuse.

Jigsaw4u does not condone practices or circumstances that are harmful to children/young people. These include:

  • Forced Marriages
  • Underage Marriages
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Child Abuse linked to a belief in Spirit Possession or Witchcraft, or in other ways related to spiritual or religious belief.
  • Sexual or other forms of exploitation of children or adults
  • Trafficking children or adults
  • Modern Day Slavery
  • Abuse through or affected by Gang membership
  • Extremist Ideology
  • ‘County Lines’ drug trade forms of criminal exploitation

Our children and young people have the right to expect that all staff and volunteers will deal sensitively and sympathetically with their situation.  It is important that information remains confidential and that only those with a ‘need to know’ should be privy to it.  Staff and volunteers will be made aware through their induction, training and supervision that in direct work with children or parents they will not be able to maintain confidentiality when a child (or adult) is at risk of harm or where a criminal act has or is likely to be committed.

All staff and volunteers must be familiar with Jigsaw4u Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct and as part of their induction will be given a copy of the Policy and Procedures to read and will be required to sign a record of this process.

Parental Consent needs to be sought for all individual children & young people taking part in any on or off-site activities, using the Jigsaw4u Registration & Parental Consent Form.

If you have any questions around safeguarding or require more information, please contact Jigsaw4u’s Designated Safeguarding Lead – Stephen Loizou on 020 8687 1384.