Thank you for thinking about supporting Jigsaw4u at your school. Schools are a huge part of our service; we have Home School Links workers in 24 schools across Merton, Sutton and Hammersmith & Fulham.

Many of our sessions are delivered to children in school and we couldn’t help as many children and young people as we do without the support of those schools.

There a different ways that your school can start supporting and working with Jigsaw4u today. Here you’ll find more information on the different ways you can get involved, if you can’t find what you’re looking for then please give us a ring.

On average Jigsaw4u works with 3500 children, young people and parents every year. Jigsaw4u is based in Mitcham and has always been a local charity. Many of these families will be from your local area, and possibly even your school.

We are a varied charity and the money we raise can fund many things besides specific projects, including; trips out, children’s garden equipment, books and session resources or special activities such as music or art therapy. We are still quite a small charity so any money donated makes a huge difference.

The Jigsaw4u Home School Links Service has been operating in London schools since 2004.  Home School Links provide schools with Child and Family Support Workers to support their students and parents.  Child and Family Support Workers are specialists in working with children and young people and have therapeutic backgrounds.

Reasons for referrals vary, but include the following:

  • Disruptive behaviour in the classroom
  • Parental mental/physical health issues
  • Social issues/communication difficulties/friendship problems/isolation
  • Social services involvement with family
  • Trauma/abuse/neglect

For more information on the Home School Links service please see the full project outline in ‘What We Do’.

If a school, or any other agency, would like to commission the Home School Links Service please contact Jenny at the Jigsaw4u head office on 020 8687 1384.

Jigsaw4u has a varied staff team with a wide range of experience and qualifications. We are launching our new training programme in order to share our nearly 20 years of experience and good practice with other professionals.

We could offer specialist sessions such as; how to support a child who has disclosed domestic abuse or how to help children cope with bereavement in school; we are often approached by schools who have experienced the bereavement of a pupil or a staff member and we know how difficult this can be for everyone to cope with.

If you are interested in commissioning some training have a look at what we have to offer in our ‘Training’ section. If what you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, get in touch; there are lots of ways our expertise can be applied in different areas of training and this is just a broad offer of the topics we have experience in.


Christmas carol concert – hold a seasonal sing-song, donate the entry fee to Jigsaw4u and/or have people shaking buckets for donations.

Christmas fairs – you could donate a portion of sales to Jigsaw4u. We can also provide you with some ‘magical reindeer food’ to sell at Christmas carols or fairs as well as some Jigsaw4u merchandise such as t-shirts, tote bags, bug stickers and wrist bands Halloween

Halloween pumpkin carving competition

Own clothes day, pyjama day or Christmas jumper day

Sport or Entertainment

Hold a school talent or fashion show and the children pay a small amount to enter

You could organise a fun run at sports day. Children receive sponsorship to run a long distance race or parents pay to enter a parents and teachers race

Organise a football tournament – for both child and adult teams

Sponsored bike ride or cycle to school week


Have a read-a-thon of a long book or series of books such as something from the Harry Potter series. Children raise donations for staying at school and reading (for however long you decide your read-a-thon should be)!

Bake sales or bake offs – children, staff or parents pay to enter a bake off style competition. You could do this at a tea party or a summer fair.

Other Ideas

Sponsored silences

Have an auction or raffle at your next school play or presentation evening

Hold a ‘bring and buy’ event – everyone brings in items from home that they no longer want. Children, parents or staff donate money to enter and they can take any items they like away with them (all leftover items can be donated to the local charity shop)

Jigsaw4u will feedback the difference you’ve made – Fundraising gives everyone that ‘feel good’ feeling. This is really important for children and young people to feel they are part of something bigger and can create a wonderful environment in a school when everyone knows they are giving something back.

Jigsaw4u can do an assembly about the issues we work with – Fundraising teaches children about things that may be outside of their experience. Learning about a cause can help children be compassionate to others. It may have a knock on effect in school with the pupils being kinder and more considerate of other people’s needs and experiences

Jigsaw4u will help you with creative fundraising ideas – We can give you some tips and ideas to get your fundraising off the ground, but fundraising is a great opportunity to give children some creative license and responsibility to come up with their own ideas. Running your own fundraising campaign, however little that may be, can teach children responsibility and give them unique skills such as team building, retail and sales!

Raising your profile – Jigsaw4u will publicise your fundraising efforts on our website, social media and newsletter (unless you say otherwise). This will raise the profile of your school, but also let everyone know what amazing fundraising you are doing.

Why not pull out all the stops to raise money for Jigsaw4u at your school and pick us as your charity of the year (or term)? Jigsaw4u can offer support to your school if this is something you’d be interested in doing.

We can provide:

  • Creative ideas to excite and engage your staff and pupils (see our schools fundraising ideas page and our general fundraising ideas)
  • Branded materials: T-shirt, Wrist Bands, Promotional Logo Bug Stickers, Balloons
  • Shaking tins/buckets
  • A member of staff to come and do a presentation/assembly about Jigsaw4u’s work
  • Advertising for your event on our website, social media and possibly email signature
  • Keep it simple
  • Arrange something in line with a national event such as; World Mental Health Day,
  • National Children’s Day, 16 Day Campaign Against Domestic Violence, National Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day
  • Come up with some easy ideas that do not interrupt your school day (e.g. mufti days or bucket shaking at a school event)
  • Be creative and have lots of FUN!!
  • Celebrate your success – shout about what you did and how much you raised for Jigsaw4u in your PTA & governor meetings, school newsletters or by contacting your local papers
  • And remember to take loads of photos on the day (if you have permission of course!)