We have some amazing volunteers with a range of skills. Volunteers work alongside Jigsaw4u staff to ensure that children and young people receive an excellent service.

There are different volunteering opportunities available at Jigsaw4u. Volunteers are valued and respected and receive expenses and support to enable them to fulfil their VITAL role within our service.

Jigsaw4u recognises the enormous work each person does, and would like to say a big thank you to the special people that volunteer with us. Each year at our AGM we honour volunteers who have done a fantastic job throughout the year; the highest of these honours is our Star Volunteer Award.

As a Trustee you will be a vital part of the Trustee committee, which meets with the Director of Operations and staff representatives approximately once every 2 months for about 3 hours on Tuesdays from 4.30-6.45pm. Additional meetings are arranged as needed.

General trustee responsibilities

  • To ensure that Jigsaw4u complies with its governing document, charity law and any other relevant legislation
  • To ensure Jigsaw4u pursues its objects as defined in its governing document
  • To ensure Jigsaw4u applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects
  • To contribute actively to the board of trustees role in giving firm strategic direction to Jigsaw4u, setting overall policy
  • To safeguard the good name of and values of Jigsaw4u
  • To ensure the effective and efficient administration of Jigsaw4u
  • To ensure the financial stability of the Jigsaw4u
  • To protect and manage the property of Jigsaw4u and ensure the proper investment of funds

In addition to the above statutory duties, each trustee should use any specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to help the development of Jigsaw4u.

  • Scrutinising board papers
  • Leading discussions
  • Focusing on key issues
  • Providing guidance on new initiatives
  • Other issues on which trustees have special expertise

Trustee – Person Specification

  • Commitment to Jigsaw4u
  • Willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to support the work of Jigsaw4u
  • Strategic vision
  • Good, independent judgement
  • Ability to think creatively
  • Willingness to give their views
  • Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship
  • Ability to work as a member of a team
  • Willingness to be available to staff for advice and enquiries


The aim of the Helping Hands Project is to offer volunteer support for individuals and families who are/have experienced domestic violence and abuse to help reduce feelings of isolation and to encourage links with other organisations, agencies and leisure facilities in the local community.

Practical support may include; helping to settle into a new area, establishing local community links, accessing local services, attending court or other appointments such as housing, solicitors and health.

Emotional support may consist of meeting up with a service user on a weekly basis for a cup of coffee, or providing a listening ear over the phone at an agreed time.

Volunteer support aims to access information, advice and options in a non-judgemental way whilst emotional support is offered in a positive and caring manner.

This project is available to individuals and families living within the London Boroughs of Sutton or Merton.

Referrals can be made by a professional or agency on behalf of a service user or service users are welcome to email info@jigsaw4u.org.uk or dial the office number on 0208 687 1384 for more information.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for this project so please contact David Freeman at our office if you would like further details.

We’d love to have volunteers who could organise fundraising events, help us with corporate fundraising and come up with creative ways to help us raise money so we can continue helping children and young people.

Why we need you?

As a local children’s charity Jigsaw4u we love to offer a flexible service to our families which includes taking children on trips, putting on events and being able to offer support beyond what is covered by our grants.

We would love to have fundraising volunteers that could help us with our fundraising needs. This might be:

Community fundraising – putting on a fundraising event, finding people who’d like to do sponsored events for us or finding a local cafe that would like to support us

Corporate fundraising – helping us to find business that might want to support us

Major giving – helping us to identify individuals who might support us


What would you need to give?

We would not require a specific time commitment from our fundraising volunteers. You might just want to organise 1 fundraising event a year, or you may be somewhere in between.

It is completely up to you how much time you would like to offer and we understand this will vary person to person, and depending on your own life commitments.

Experience of fundraising or knowledge of other sectors would be useful but is by no means required – we are just looking for creative, enthusiastic people who’d like to help us make a difference!



You would be supported by our Business Development and Fundraising manager who will provide you with Jigsaw4u marketing materials and promote any events on our social media platforms.