Clive’s Mum

Clive’s Mum

Clive’s Mum

Clive is 20 years old, has Down’s Syndrome and has been coming to Jigsaw4u for over 4 years

“My child has Down’s syndrome and he started coming to Jigsaw4u to improve his social skills, communication with his peers, to improve his self-confidence and to be better able to assert himself.

I was happy when he started going because my son liked going to Jigsaw4u and was able to tell us all the things he was doing there. I was happy he would be able to improve his social interaction.

Whenever we had any specific issues I have told his key worker and she addressed our son’s needs and acted on our concerns.

The drama and social skills group has helped him to voice his opinions. He is more confident now to express himself and voice his opinion. He asserts himself more than he ever did before. He is more empowered and feels valued. His expression through art has helped him a lot.

I recommend Jigsaw4u to many parents as my son has been given a voice and is listened to and valued. I want the same for my friends’ children.”

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